Filmed with 360-video cameras, The Stories from The Heart is a special 10-episode series that spotlight on the everyday tourism heroes in Sarawak.

Sarawak 360 Experience offer a new way for you to interact and experience stories as a participant in a first-person narrative, rather than merely watch, listen, or read the story from a third-person voyeuristic vantage point. These immersive videos put you at the center of the scene, allowing you to look left, right, up, down and behind you.

You can experience 360 videos on your phone, tablet, or computer — no headset needed.

The 360 video series will feature two local talented hosts Sharifah Arafah (a.k.a Arybrd) and Larrisa Ping, as well as 10 local tourism heroes, including: a Park Ranger with almost 20 years of experience with the orangutan in Semenggoh, a kayaking guide from Semadang, a Kuching local cycling guide from Kampong No. 6, a local master weaver from Tanoti Handicraft, a Dive Master in Miri, a Homestay Owner in Bario, and others.

The 10 episodes are set to air on YouTube & Facebook in batches of one every 2 weeks, beginning with the first episode on 15 November 2021.

This ASIA tourism initiative is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry & Performing Arts Sarawak (MTCP). ASIA also collaborated with Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) closely on the promotion of the 360 videos.

Launching event of Sarawak 360 Experience : The Stories From The Heart on 15 November 2021
Kuching Cycling Episode 1 – Stories From The Heart
Tanoti Episode 2 – Stories From The Heart
Semenggoh Episode 3 – Stories From The Heart
Semadang Kayak Episode 4 – Stories From The Heart
Batang Ai Episode 5 – Stories From The Heart
Sibu Episode 6 – Stories From The Heart
Batang Ai Episode 7 – Stories From The Heart
Miri Diving Episode 8 – Stories From The Heart
Mulu Episode 9 – Stories From The Heart
Bario Episode 10 – Stories From The Heart