Serian Town and Bidayuh Longhouse Tour

Imagine yourself walking through a traditional Bidayuh longhouse, greeted by the warm smiles of the villagers. You are invited to join them for a meal and learn about their culture. You see the children playing and the elders working together to maintain the longhouse.


This is what you can expect on a Serian Town and Bidayuh Longhouse Tour.


Your first stop will be at the Serian market, where you can shop for fresh produce and local handicrafts. From there, you will have lunch at a food court in Serian town, where you can sample some of the delicious local cuisine.


In the afternoon, you will drive to Anah Rais Longhouse, a traditional Bidayuh longhouse. You will be welcomed by the longhouse chief and given a tour of the longhouse. You will learn about the Bidayuh culture and way of life, and have the opportunity to interact with the villagers.


After touring the longhouse, you will return to Kuching and arrive at your hotel in the evening.


This tour is perfect for Rotary convention participants who are looking for a unique and memorable experience. It is a chance to learn about the Bidayuh culture and see how they live in harmony with nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this tour is family-friendly and offers a chance for children to learn about indigenous cultures.

Most of the tour activities involve walking and cultural interaction, but they are generally accessible to people of various fitness levels.

Yes, the Serian market is a great place to shop for local produce and handicrafts, making it an excellent opportunity to buy souvenirs.

Visitors are encouraged to dress modestly and respectfully when visiting the longhouse, covering shoulders and knees. Comfortable and casual clothing is suitable.

Yes, restroom facilities are available at various stops throughout the tour for your convenience.

Please inform the tour organizers in advance of any dietary restrictions or allergies, and they will make efforts to accommodate your needs.

This tour provides a cultural experience year-round, but consider booking during festivals or special events for an enhanced cultural experience.

Photography is usually allowed, but it’s courteous to ask for permission before taking photos, especially of people or their homes.

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